Osu! Beats are Magic

Event Hoster: Kjellska

Second Saturday of the month
From 6pm to 8pm (Stockholm time)

To register, click HERE or contact Kjellska

To watch the event, click HERE

My Little Karaoke

Event Hoster: Kjellska

Third Sunday of the month
From 6pm to 8pm (Stockholm time)

Room: Public Theater 1 or 2
Discord: HERE

Everyone is welcome !


We are just a group of Pony fans who like to watch stuff together (mostly MLP related) but also many other things.
We don't bite (mostly) and rather just have a peaceful friendly time with everyone else.
You, dear guest, are welcome to check us out.

Most of the content of this site is from our Forum Please check it

There's an automatic server restart every day on 4:00AM Amsterdam Time (CEST) to keep the server lag free.
If you're seeing lots of errors,try subscribing to these addons on the link below and restart the game.
Hope it gets fixed!
Click here for the addons
Click here for the Gamemode Cinema

Useful commands:
Pointshop1 is accessible through the command: !shop
Pointshop2 is accessible through the key: F3
    - !pac : for opening pac3 editor (Only for Ponylicious)
    - !pacoff : for disable loading pac3 (Useful with a bad computer)
    - !pacon : for enable loading pac3

More commands can be found at the help page

Game: Garry's Mod
Name: PonyPals Cinema | MLP | Pointshop 1-2 | PAC3 |
Player Slots: 42
Steam Group: Click here
PonyPals Forum: Click here
Discord: Click here
Launch date: 19/11/14


Do not spam in any way!
That means spamming in chat, voice chat (includes music spam), putting lots of videos in a short time and...
You get it, right? Good! Proud of ya!

Do not use offensive languages.
Please no F Bombing on the server. We like you more that way.

This is an English-only server!
The rules are different for private theaters.
Please speak English if you are able to.

Do not troll!
Yes, our Administrators have grown pretty bloodthirsty lately.
Should we spot anyone cyberbullying another, we will eat them!
We toy with these trolls first,giving their own taste of their medicine... Then NOM! They are gone.

Listen to our Admins!
(also known as Gamemasters in our server)
You disrespect them, you disrespect yourself!
You respect them and you get lots of love!

Even Admins can make mistakes and please accept our apologies if we make a few.
We try to minimise the amount of errors we make.
We may be still humans, but that won't stop us from improving ourselves!

More rules you can find on the page with the Rules

Countdown for the next MLP episode: